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Netphoria has designed hundreds of custom web sites since being founded in 1994.  We specialize in aesthetically pleasing sites which are easy to use and sophisticated in functionality.  Not only do we have the expertise to meet your needs today, but also in the future.  Netphoria will form a long-term partnering relationship with you and your staff. We become an extension of your team.

Your website will be professionally programmed using the proven tools and code-base of Netphoria's custom Content Management System (CMS) we call ACE or using another CMS like WordPress.  This will make your site more secure, easier to update and maintain, and more compatible with the wide variety of web browsers.  As your business grows, your website will grow with you.  Websites we have built 15 years ago are still operating today. 

Your website will incorporate ACE, our WYSIWYG content editor, to visually edit the content of your pages without having to know HTML and MenuMaker which will allow you to add unlimited pages.  These tools are so easy to use that anyone on your staff can update your website.  Our tools also do not let you "break" your website.  If you make a mistake, you can simply use the unlimited Undo feature to restore your site.

Netphoria has developed state-of-the-art website solutions for many different industries including real estate, automotive dealership, office equipment, e-commerce, construction, golf, retail, furniture, and health care. 

Please visit our Portfolio for specific examples of our client's successes.